Cooking and Math Games

Today I introduced the kids to Anno’s Math Games.  They worked as a team, discussing which item in the picture was different from the rest.  There were a few heated discussions and we stopped because they got stumped on which fruit was different from the rest (the one with a single pit as opposed to many seeds).  Looking forward to using this beautiful book each day!


Today was cooking day at ALC Cottonwood.  With the full school (2-6s) we practiced cutting skills and made Banana Cinnamon Wantons.  They came out great and the kids were totally engrossed mincing their bananas.  It was an awesome moment.  The 5’6 & 6’s went on to make Play Dough for the school in the afternoon.  Despite the chaos, I LOVE cooking with kids.  It’s messy and not very hygienic but worth it in the end when the kids are proudly eating their creations!