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Sara: Resident Entertainer
Home Country: United States


Find Sara for:
  • Cooking
  • Playing board games & music games
  • Looking stuff up on the internet
  • Neighborhood visits

Long term projects she’ll be offering:

  • Teaching reading & writing
    • Making a Cottonwood Cookbook
    • Sewing pencil pouches
    • Rock painting
Magali: Resident Naturalist
Home Country: Switzerland
Find Magali for:untitled-36
  • Crafts, all sorts of crafts
  • Gardening
  • Building fairy houses
  • Land art
  • Library and Park Trips
Long term projects she’ll be offering:
  • French lessons in a playful/artful way
  • Global Guardians Project
  • Building a hotel for insects along with seasonal nature journaling
Katri: Resident Adventurer
Home Country: Finland


Find Katri for:
  • Piano playing & singing
  • DNA studies
  • Art
  • Block building
  • Reading aloud
  • Skateboarding
Long term projects she’ll be offering:
    • Learning to knit
    • Neighborhood play/social games
    • Music
    • Studying details of nature with sketchbooks


Chris: Resident Maker
Home Country: United States
Find Chris for:
  • Making anything
  • Geometry & Math
  • Anything bicycle related
  • Sewing
Long term projects he’ll be offering:
  • Instrument making/busking
  • Designing and building a compost bin
  • Pack basket making
  • Constructing a weathervane and Sundial
  • Orienteering
  • Taxonomies

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