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Weekly Highlights

Bulleted notes about the week…the things that made me laugh and smile.

Monday- A magical Monday.

  • Having music class in the park!  We sang together on a gorgeous, gorgeous fall day.  London Bridges, A Ram Sam Sam, Mary Had a Little Lamb, & Baa Baa Black Sheep
  • When was the last time you tried to teach a 3 year old to summersault?  It means you have to do a summersault first which made me laugh really hard.
  • Best snack share to date, fresh picked NY apples and cashew butter from Poland that Mariuzs’s wife made!
  • Listening to the 5s & 6s play “Family” for almost an hour. 


  • All kids participated in the morning walk to school!  So cool to see 10 little people walking through their neighborhood on the way to school.
  • Shirtless soccer in Central Park with @ryanshollenberger’s crew and a brief discussion of women’s right to be topless in NCY.


  • Cooking day!  11 little people armed with peelers.  We made apple sauce and only ended up with one bloody knuckle.  Impressive for a group of 2-6 year olds!


  • We had to say goodbye to Magali for awhile but we got to play with Aaron and it was awesome!
  • Making nature jewelry.
  • Sewing felt quilts!


  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden:  We were about to leave the beautiful manicured grounds of the Cherry Esplanade when we spotted an amazing fungus growing near the base of a tree.  We stopped so I could sketch it and after googling, “tall orangish mushroom with black goo on top,” we found out that it’s called a stinkhorn and it’s awesome.

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